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This is bootyjohn.
I made this tumblr a while ago for soley
my art and then I said "fuck that."
Long story short I post here ->


I finished uwu~ Markiplier, one of my favorite youtubers!!


My dream is to be so rich that I can buy all my friends everything they’ve ever wanted I really like spending money on people

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i find it hilarious my most popular post is on a blog i never use

but then again i guess it’s good that i dont get all the notifications? haha.

public service announcement i am bootyjohn

please go to bootyjohn for your lameart needs

Don’t really know why this blog would have followers, because I decided I didn’t need an art blog.


i dont get people who feel the need to add on a comment to every joke / anecdote they reblog

do they do that in real life

like can you imagine going to a comedy show and the comedian is like “so i went to order a happy meal and they looked at me weird cause i’m 35 and alone and…

no one cares

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omg that dave post has so many notes and i never used this art blog again.


I’m sad cause I don’t have internet to make a father’s. day post hjgvjh

$1 chibis